Why organisations need to develop a mentoring programme

Many organisations accept that “people are our greatest asset”. And through their L&D programmes, they aim to develop their talent pool.

The challenge is that everybody learns differently. Some people learn best by reading, some better by classroom instruction, some via online learning tools, some by personal coaching or mentoring. So it follows that to get the most out of their people and to develop their skills, organisations need a range of L&D tools and approaches. All are valuable, all work well for some individuals.

The two development tools that are most often confused with each other are mentoring and coaching, but they are in fact quite different. A coach tells you what you need to do. A mentor tells you what they did in the past, to help you decide what to do in the future. Coaching is more operational, providing tried and tested ways of doing things. Mentoring is more about sharing relevant experiences. Sometimes it is past mistakes that provide the most valuable mentoring insights.

Mentoring is a gap in many organisations’ approaches to staff development. It should be part of the regular L&D toolkit, sitting alongside other more established learning techniques. The question is how to operationalise mentoring, how to make it more than an occasional tool applied expensively and selectively to C-level staff.

Wisetree provides the answer: a platform enabling organisations to roll out a comprehensive mentoring programme.

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