Why becoming a mentor is good for your career

Becoming a mentor can be as beneficial to the mentor as the mentee

Becoming a mentor is a highly worthwhile activity. Informal mentoring is one of the oldest and most valuable tools for personal growth - we only need look at the number of great leaders who have been both mentors and mentees. Each of us has experiences we can share with others, and mentoring is using our own experiences as a way to guide others (even if our experiences offer more cautionary tales than tips for success!)

Mentoring others in topics you have experience and confidence in is an investment in the future of your industry and in the success of the future workforce. It's a way you can influence the current culture of your organization and ensure that your workplace reflect your values. Contributing as a mentor can deliver personal benefits as well, including:

Improving communication or supervisory skills. Effective managers and leaders need to know how to establish positive, trusted relationships. Working with a mentee, particularly one outside of your own department or organisation, provides an opportunity to practice necessary skills, including empathy and active listening.

Expanding connections and networks. Cultivating networks is a critical factor in career success and progression. Mentoring others within your industry provides an opportunity to continue to build your own network as you support your mentees to expand theirs.

Promoting self-reflection. Mentoring provides an opportunity to reflect not only on what you have achieved but also on how you got there. Which skills and characteristics were critical to your career path success? What should you be doing now to ensure you continue to learn and develop those attributes? Asking questions of a mentee often supports deeper insights on your own learning path and achievements.

Despite the benefits, many prospective mentors do not know how to find the right mentee, how to offer their insights to help their mentee move forward, and what they themselves gain from offering their knowledge to someone else. Wisetree is specifically designed to make mentoring beneficial and easy for the mentor, so that mentoring becomes an essential part of everyone’s professional development and a key part of every leaders experience.

Wisetree helps mentors to:

1) Find great mentees for your skills and experience, who has passed the threshold to ensure their readiness and willingness to be mentored.

2) Organise your mentoring sessions and track all the ideas shared. Mentors and mentees have a secure environment where they keep a shared record of the meetings. This makes it easy for a mentor to remember the ideas shared in the last session and see what their mentee has been doing in the interim.

3) Share your mentoring experience with your network. There are many people who call themselves a mentor, when really they had 1 coffee with someone once... as a CPD accredited platform that tracks meeting interactions and offers mentor / mentee testimonials, Wisetree mentors can qualify the value of their mentoring. This is valuable for consultants looking for new business, directors looking for NED roles, employees looking for promotion to management, or anyone who wishes to demonstrate they're ability to lead with soft skills.

Ready to become a mentor today? Check out our open communities where you can offer mentoring to start ups, or If you would like to learn more about how you can set up a mentoring relationship in your business or community get in touch with us today

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