"When One Teaches, Two Learn"

So said Robert A. Heinlein, an American science fiction writer. This aphorism contains a key insight for designing and running successful mentoring programmes.

Traditionally mentoring programmes have focused on the learning benefits gained by the mentee. This is true, but it’s only half the story. In a good mentoring relationship, the mentor gains too.

The mentor gains the satisfaction of contributing to the organisation, of giving something back. She gains the reward of seeing another person succeed and overcome their challenges. She develops her communication skills, learning how to give advice and insight in the most effective way. She will deepen her understanding of the key issues facing the organisation and its people. In reflecting on her own experiences, she will distill the essence of her own story. And for her own career progression, she will demonstrate, in a very tangible way, her leadership potential.

It is vital to recognise and integrate the benefits for mentors when designing a successful mentoring programme. Many mentoring programmes struggle, not because of a lack of willing mentees but a lack of willing mentors, who are motivated and properly incentivised by their organisations to share their experience.

Creating benefits for mentors too is a key part of the Wisetree mentoring platform. In combination with a supportive L&D culture and senior management commitment, the Wisetree platform makes sure that both parties in a mentoring relationship benefit.

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