Mentoring could help avert climate change

One of the greatest global challenges facing us all today is how to avert catastrophic climate change. Cross-industry mentoring programs may have a key role on this journey.

How come? New technologies exist that have the potential to reduce or eradicate our carbon emissions. But crucially they require companies and individuals to collaborate in new ways, creating new value chains and new patterns of co-operation. These new networks do not develop without action and effort. They require understanding, trust, and new business relationships. This is exactly what a tailored mentoring program can deliver.

This is also a practical idea. An industry association or individual company positioning itself as a leader in a new area of sustainable technology should consider taking on the leadership role of organising a cross-company mentoring program.

Using a suitable platform, it could initiate an open mentoring program that extends across companies and industrial sectors. It would invite any individual active in the relevant area or technology to take part. Individuals would identify the challenges that they face and the skills that they have to share.  Mentor-mentee matches would then be made, and new relationships developed. The program would result in an informal community dedicated to a particular area of sustainable development.  

Why should an organisation bother to organise a mentoring program extending beyond its own people? The answer lies in the nature of the challenge facing us. Leadership in

sustainable solutions is about teamwork and creating new communities that extend outside your own organisation.

Mentoring is a solution worth investing in. If you would like to learn more about how a

mentoring program can be designed to help achieve cross-industry trust and collaborative relationships, come and talk to Wisetree.

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