How do you evaluate a mentoring programme?

Many organisations have set up a mentoring programme - but not all mentoring programmes effectively prepare, match, support or evaluate their success.

They range from the highly effective, delivering real value to the organisation, through to the “trying hard” and down to the “not so good”.  While mentoring is not a science, there are a number of key performance indicators you should be aware of when evaluating your mentoring programme. Do you know where you stand?

In our experience, a mentoring programme can be evaluated against 10 criteria:

1. Take-up and participation

2. Focus on the needs of the mentees, the mentors and of the organisation

3. Quality of the mentoring input

4. Capture of key performance metrics for the programme

5. Scope of the programme across all level of the organisation

6. Use of the programme to promote Inclusion and Diversity

7. Sustainability of the programme over time

8. Awareness of the programme, both within the organisation and outside of it amongst relevant stakeholders

9. Simplicity for the participants

10. Ease and low cost of administration

How would your mentoring programme stand up to an assessment against this set of criteria?   More than likely, an evaluation would highlight some positive achievements and also identify some useful next steps to improve the programme’s effectiveness.

One of the services provided by is auditing of this type, assessing a programme against key criteria and identifying possible areas for improvement.  If you are interested in hearing more about this service get in touch today.

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