Developing the skills and values needed by organisations of the future

Much has been written about the accelerating pace of change and how automation will replace many of the routine, administrative and operational tasks performed in today’s workplaces.

Organisations of the future will need to be highly adaptive. They will have strongly developed capabilities in creativity, innovation, and communications. They will have workforces with the values and skill to learn quickly and to adapt to rapid change. They will have the cultures and mindsets that enable effective collaboration across individuals, teams and departments, without undue regard to legacy process steps.

This coming transformation leads many to fear for their livelihoods. The latest wave of automation in the office has only just begun, but it’s clearly visible and it will be one of the dominant trends in corporate life over the coming years.

How should organisations prepare for this coming change in the business environment? How can they make sure that they end up as one of the winners? And what can they do to help their people adapt and develop the necessary skills and behaviours to succeed in the future?

One highly practical strategy is to establish a systematic mentoring programme across the organisation. This can be a key building block in preparing for the future.

First, it can be a launchpad for reinforcing a corporate culture where continuous learning and cross-company collaboration are highly valued. Many organisations say they value such behaviours but do little to make it a core value. A mentoring programme will send a clear signal that the organisation is now on a new pathway.

Through this route, organisations can help their staff to practice and strengthen their learning and collaboration behaviours. Individuals who are particularly well suited to the needs of the future organisation can demonstrate their capability.

Finally, new innovation ideas arising from cross-team collaboration may be generated -unlocking sources of value so far overlooked!

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