5 reasons to be a part of the Wisetree Community

There's no doubt about it - mentoring has been proven to be beneficial for the mentor, the mentee, the organisation and even the program manager. Research has shown that in order to feel fulfilled at work, employees need a sense of belonging, purpose, achievement, happiness and vigor. We've listed 5 key benefits of using the Wisetree system which specifically target each happy trigger. So you may be asking, how can Wisetree help with your mentoring relationships?

1. The Wisetree Mentoring Platform

Unlike other internal mentoring programmes, Wisetree not only suggests ideal matches based on your challenges and skills, but facilitates your mentoring relationship to keep you on track. Mentors and Mentees work together to set out a road map to success, and add new tasks after each mentoring meeting, thus providing tangible achievement and continued vigor to carry on your mentoring journey. For a walk-through demonstration of the Wisetree system, click here

2. Wisetree Training

Wisetree believes that everyone has challenges to overcome and wisdom to share, and that's why we provide the mentoring platform to every employee, not just a privileged few. We provide a variety of different training methods to help connect you to your mission, to provide purpose so that you understand your role as a mentor and mentee.

3. Relationship building and management

Creating an open, collaborative company culture has been proven to be more successful than those who work in departmental silos. The Wisetree platform enables communication with employees within your organisation that you may not have met otherwise.

Wisetree provides useful videos and dedicated training on how to communicate effectively in your mentoring relationship, you will have the opportunity to build strong relationships and improve your leadership skills through advice giving and delegation, which provides a level of happiness and belonging.

4. The opportunity to grow

Your organisation has invested in your training and development, to ensure you grow and develop in the workplace.

We'll soon be releasing a new blog to reiterate the importance of mentoring to develop leadership skills, but in the meantime, here's an academic findings reference to support this importance.

"Leadership development mentoring should be comprehensive and systematically integrated into the organizational culture in order to produce leaders who can deal adequately with organizational challenges".

REF: Amagoh, F., 2009. Leadership development and leadership effectiveness. Management Decision, 47(6), pp.989-999.

5. Wisetree rewards and recognition

Providing a sense of achievement is easy with the Wisetree system, and we celebrate and encourage successes. Firstly, throughout your mentoring journey, you accumulate digital badges which are displayed on your public profile, to show others how you're progressing.

When a mentoring challenge is complete, your mentoring partner has the opportunity to write a positive testimonial, which along with your accumulated badges can be shared publicly via your LinkedIn profile or your CV, to showcase your achievements taking on a mentor or mentoring others.

Create an open, collaborative company culture with - a fuss-free digital platform designed to embrace workplace mentoring. We provide your teams a sense of belonging, purpose, recognition and reward to empower and retain your teams. Find out more at

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