5 Reasons Why Mentoring Is Career Defining

Think mentoring isn't a good use of time? Think again.

We've condensed the top 5 reasons why mentoring defines your career and progression opportunities.

1) Improve your communication skills

Mentoring sessions raise your awareness of different cultures and communication styles with your matches, including verbal, non-verbal and listening.

Learning how to understand and adjust to different streams of communication is highly advantageous in avoiding miscommunication and ambiguity.

One of the most important communication methods learnt during a mentoring session is listening. Allowing your mentoring partner conveys respect, and a willingness to hear the other person’s point of view which is a crucial leadership ability.

2) Increase your network

Both mentor and mentee can benefit from an opportunity to expand their existing network of personal and professional contacts. Widening your connections offers different opportunities and outlooks.

3) Learn from others failures

Failure should be celebrated, not feared. A good mentor isn't ashamed to confess their failures they've learn along the way. Failures in particular are a good stepping stone for you as a mentor to make sure you don't make the same mistakes, as we often hear that the same mistakes shouldn't be made twice.

By taking the failures and advice from your mentor puts you at an advantageous position to progress.

4) Evidence of tangible personal and professional growth by setting targets, goals from own initiative. Shows you are focused, driven and reliable.

Wisetree facilitates your mentoring journey, ensuring that all of your hard work isn't forgotten. Document your journey with helpful advice and useful information in your notes, and tick off your milestones and goals as you go along. With testimonials and digital badges you can demonstrate to your manager the steps you are taking to develop yourself.

5) Lastly but most importantly - your increased knowledge strengthens your position to progress

The ability to learn and continuously develop ourselves is incredibly rewarding. Hard work is rewarded when you dedicate time to developing yourself. With a recognised skill-shortage in the UK, there is a clear need for continued investment In learning.

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