"Her unwavering determination is addictive and it’s a skill I try to emulate".

Katrina’s mentor is entrepreneur, author, and TV presenter Alison Cork. She is the founder and CEO of interior brand and founder of Make It Your Business.

“I was lucky enough to be introduced to Alison Cork just as I starting my business. We were introduced through our shared passion for encouraging women in becoming entrepreneurs. I was a bit nervous when we first met - she’d been on television and had built not just one, but a number of successful businesses. From the beginning Alison was very kind, friendly, and it put me at ease immediately.

Alison has always been positive, supportive and focused on the bigger picture, which is especially helpful when I can get dragged down by the details. She’d told me that she has built a successful career through being a good communicator, but as I've gotten to know her more, I've discovered many character traits that make her successful. She has an immense amount of drive, and gets more done each day than most people get done in a month! She has a can-do attitude and doesn’t let the “ifs” and “buts” stop her from achieving her goals.

Learning from these characteristics has been hugely beneficial. Her unwavering determination is addictive and it’s a skill I try to emulate.

Our relationship grew over time. We both had a shared a passion for empowering women into leadership positions, and it became clear we could support each other. Alison launched Make It Your Business to help women starting a business, and I became a local champion in my community. Now, we are going to launch a Wisetree mentoring community so new entrepreneurs can find a mentor, and successful women can share their experiences. This is a great opportunity for the MIYB members, but it's also a great opportunity for me to use my business to further a cause I care about.

There have been quite a few special moments in my relationship with Alison. A memorable experiences was hosting my first panel discussion with successful entrepreneurs for Make It Your Business. Alison contacted me every day to offer her support and advice. She gave me lots of encouragement. That’s her style. She doesn’t tell you how to do the work, but makes you believe you can do it, and the event went really well.

I’m really looking forward to launching a Wisetree mentoring community for MIYB - I’m so grateful for the support Alison has given me and will be proud to give something back to the MIYB community and further support our interest and passion for women entrepreneurship.

Alison has taught me many things, but two stand out lessons has been to show me the value of brilliant communication and determination. Alison - thank you so much for being the supportive and kind person you are. Most importantly thanks for being the driven, inspiring and motivational character for me and many others”.

Katrina Sale - Founder and CEO of Wisetree

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