Having a mentor has encouraged me to take risks....

Anna's mentor is currently the managing director of Capital Markets for a major bank. She shared her story with Wisetree: "I was introduced to my mentor 10 years ago, when I was starting my career as a graduate in an investment bank. He always tells me that when we met, he saw something in me that compelled him to help me. Since then we’ve worked together in a number of different organisations and he has been at the end of the phone whenever I need to brainstorm business ideas or ask for strategic advice in my business. Around two years after our initial meeting my mentor called me and said he wanted me to leave my job and join him in a start-up. At the time, I had just taken on quite a large mortgage, so it was a risky proposition, however my mentor’s incessant campaigning and the prospect of joining something new and exciting lured me out of the comfort of a steady job and into the most rewarding job I ever had. My experience there had a massive influence on the direction I have now taken and my decision to set up my own business. By pushing me to try something uncomfortable, my mentor gave me the chance the learn something valuable about myself, my strengths and what drives me. Having a mentor has given me the courage to take risks because I know that there is always a cheerleader standing in the background willing me to succeed and ready to give me valuable guidance when I get stuck. My mentor has twenty years more experience than me, so his mind is a great resource for me to tap into whenever I need help.

To my mentor, thank you for all of your guidance and support over the last ten years. Without you I would not have had the courage or knowledge to try new things on many occasions. You have been a huge influence on me in my professional life and more importantly a great friend".

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