The Power of Wisetree - it's all about you

Whether your goal is to mentor, to spread your wisdom (and get that warm fuzzy feeling inside for doing good) or if that pesky challenge has been bugging you for months, year, decades... Our point is, it's never too late to tackle that challenge or share your wisdom.

This blog demonstrates how Wisetree mentoring can help.

Everybody has wisdom to share, and everyone (yes, even Oprah Winfrey) will have challenges to overcome - that's life, and we're OK with that. That's why users can be both - no restrictions here.

It's all about you - yes really!

What many organisations haven't quite mastered the art of keeping their team developing, to educate and let all of you lovely people flourish. We've done some research and discovered there's a significant number of you guys employed in the UK that are frustrated with the lack of training and learning at work.

Whether it's holding you back from that earned promotion or de-motivating your missions, well it can be just plain frustrating. We're not taking sides here, we also know the struggles of organising in-house or external training can be for your business - not to mention the costs. That's why, the clever Wisetree team have developed a fuss free, inexpensive and easy to use app platform that focuses on people, making sure they're developing in the best way.

With Wisetree you will have immediate access to a professional mentoring programme where you can take part in dedicated mentoring sessions. Progress is easily measured and new learning can be put into practice to progress your career.

Why be mentored?

Whatever your challenge, receiving 1-1 support and guidance from an experienced mentor can help you develop the skills and confidence to get to your goal. Create goals, deadlines, make notes and road maps - with Wisetree there are no excuses not to get there... Who knows, you could also make a new mentor friend on the way. It's a great opportunity to enhance your CV, be seen in your organisation and boost that dwindling motivation.

Why be a mentor?

Mentoring is an ideal way to give back by using your knowledge and experience to help someone else, whilst developing your own your leadership abilities. Improve your interpersonal and communication skills with 1-1 mentoring, develop your leadership and management qualities, and get that sense of fulfilment and motivation to continue when your mentee completes their challenges. The best bit? Each mentoring relationship gives you the opportunity to earn CPD accreditation (UK's leading independent CPD accreditation institution) a skill highly sought-after by employers and worth adding to the CV.

By tracking your commitment and personal development through your mentoring activity, you can enhance your professional reputation and profile whilst also giving something back to your organisation.

So there you have it... Wisetree mentoring enables everyone an opportunity to learn something new on impart their wisdom to others.

Good luck with your journey.

The Wisetree Team.

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